The Kitchen

Welcome to the kitchen, the center and hearth of my home. Here the family gathers for meals, to sit around the table and play games, to bake holiday cookies, to do homework and work on school projects and, once a year, to do taxes! This is the room where family issues are resolved, where feelings are soothed and where love and laughter rein.

If you are looking for recipes and for magical correspondences for kitchen witchery or natural housekeeping, you have arrived.

Magical Cookery for the Kitchen Witch

Cooking as an artistic and magical expression is the quintessential Kitchen Witch activity. Kitchen witchery is a form of everyday alchemy. It is one one of the foundational practices of hearth magic, which is what the Sacred Hearth tradition is all about. Food magic is very similar herbal magic. Each ingredient has certain energies that it brings to the recipe. The direction those energies go depends on your intent and how the meal is prepared.

Special Dinner Family Ritual

Pagans celebrate a variety of holidays as well as various lunar observances throughout the year and I think all of them incorporate food. For some of these special occasions, the meal is the main focus so it seems kind of redundant to have a separate ceremony. Especially when you have antsy, hungry kids if you decide to do it before dinner and everyone is feeling nappish after dinner and when are you going to have time to cook and clean up if you spend all your time ceremonializing?

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