Radishes grow very quickly and are tolerant of cool weather offering early gratification to the winter-weary gardener.

Radish is a Annual plant that grows best in zones 2 through 10

Light requirements: part sun 
Soil Requirements: moderately rich
Moisture requirements: moderately moist

Radish is best planted in part sun in moderately moist, moderately rich, neutral soil, sandy soil.


appear in the Summer


appear in the Summer.

Radish is best planted in the Winter for a Spring harvest

Radish is not drought tolerant.
Radish is shade tolerant

Growing Radish

Different radishes require different growing depths, so consult your seed packet to see how deep to plant it. Generally, the larger radishes need to be planted more deeply than the smaller varieties. The larger varieties tend also to be stronger in flavor and a bit tougher.

You begin planting radishes up to six weeks before your frost-safe date or as soon as the soil is soft enough to dig. If you'd like a steady supply, plant a new row once a week until the weather starts to warm up and then give it a rest until it cools down again in the fall.

Plant your seeds 2-3 inches apart and water them regularly. Once they start to sprout, mulch around the baby plants to keep weeds down and to keep the soil soft and moist.

Radish cannot tolerate heat, but it can tolerate some shade.

For a very hot radish - Black Spanish (only black on the outside, not Spanish at all). Used to make Kimchi

Uses for Radish

I like to chop up radishes fine and put them in potato salad and tuna macaroni salad


Plant radishes near spinach to distract leafminers from your spinach. The leafminers will destroy the radish leaves, but the radish below ground will not be damaged.

Radishes help protect squash and cucumber from cucumber beetles


Potential Pests and Diseases

cabbage maggots

Radish Folklore

Radishes have been grown in China, Egypt and Greece for thousands of years. They have been used as medicine to heal a variety of ills including coughs and breathing problems, cancer, gastro-intestinal problems and arthritis.

During the middle ages radishes were associated with conflict and must be blessed to render them harmless.

Radish is said to serve as defense against the evil eye and to enhance/encourage sexual energy

Element(s): Fire Water
Planet(s): Mars -
Zodiac Signs:
Gender: male

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