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Create list of magical food ingredients- done
Import recipes (link to magical food ingredients) - done
Create handfasting section - in progress
Rites of Passage-
Infant Blessing Ceremonies
Baby Naming Ceremony
Age of Self Determination Ceremony
Pre-Adulthood Ceremony
Adulthood Ceremony
Mother's Blessing
Elder's Ceremony
Departing Ceremony

Hearth & Home
Get Rid of Bad Energy
Invite a Roommate
Welcome a New Housemate/Family Member
Welcome a New Pet
Housewarming Ceremony
Annual Home Cleansing
Banish Unwanted Houseguest

Home Altars
Hearth Goddess

Making Rituals Kid-Friendly

Healing Spells

Menu ideas for each event

cream of tartar

Journey to the Astral Temple
- Building an Astral Temple
- Astral Temple Spells
- Astral Temple Rituals for each Feast Day and Sabbath —> Guided meditations

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