New Moon in Capricorn

The new moon in Capricorn occurs when the sun is in Capricorn, sometime between December 22nd(ish) and January 21st(ish).

Capricorn rules practical goals and self-sufficiency making this a good time to lay long-term plans for new endeavors, including thinking about your career, financial planning and making serious commitments to projects or ideas. The following rituals are appropriate for the new moon in Capricorn:

Goal Setting
Dedication or Re-dedication to a Path,
Protection from Risks Associated with Business & Money
Spells for employment
Financial Planning
Seeing the Big Picture
Ritual for Independence
The All-Purpose Magnet Spell

This time is also suitable for a Ritual Honoring Zeus or a Ritual Honoring Hephaestos

See also Full Moon in Capricorn

Recommended Reading:

by Jason Miller
This book is suited more toward the High Magick practitioner or ceremonial magician.

by Ellen Dugan
More suited toward the Wiccan end of the magickal spectrum.

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