Magical Housekeeping

What is the difference between magical housekeeping and regular housekeeping? Intent. All you have to do is declare your home sacred space and keep that in mind while you're cleaning it and voila, magical housekeeping!

There can be more to it, but I like to keep things simple to start out because the more complicated things are the less likely someone is to do it and I believe it is so important to live a magical life and to bring magic into your home that I think we should start by throwing out all the trappings of magick and narrowing it down to its very core, which is intent.

So, begin be declaring your intent:

  • I am cleaning this bathroom so it can be a sanitary and relaxing getaway
  • I am cleaning this kitchen so that I can breeze through my dinner preparations tomorrow
  • I am cleaning my living room so that I can enjoy my company and my company will feel comfortable in it.
  • I am cleaning my whole house so that if someone stops by, all I need to do is put the tea pot on.

If it helps you feel more magical, light a long-burning candle as you declare your intent and allow it to continue burning as you do your daily chores.

There are some truths about a messy house:

  • Messy houses tend to make their occupants grumpy. They lead to confusion, irritability and waste. And once it reaches a certain point (and that point may be as small as a full sink of dishes) that you become so overwhelmed that you are crippled, your home is no longer a sanctuary.
  • Clean houses are much more comfortable. When you walk into them, you know you are home and you smile. When you walk into a clean kitchen you are invited to prepare healthy meals (dirty kitchens invite take out). When everything is in its place, you know where it is and you know what you've got. You don't end up with 16 pairs of scissors and nothing to cut with. Waste like this invites poverty.

Energy flows nicely through a clean house. Cluttered spots collect energy. It stagnates and it causes the people who live in the house to experience mental blockages. Keep your house clean and you invite positive energies of hospitality, prosperity and joy into your home.

That all being said, here are a few things to make your magical housekeeping a little more magical.

  • Don't bring an old broom into a new house. Once a year get rid of your old broom and replace it with a new one. I like to burn my old broom on February Eve to symbolize getting rid of the old crap from the year before. Obviously, if you're going to do this, you should get a wooden broom with natural bristles.
  • When you first move in and once a year thereafter (or once a month if you prefer) and whenever you feel it's necessary, perform a house blessing ritual.
    • In between, add some essential oils to or steep some herbs in your all purpose cleaning solution (equal parts water & white vinegar) and use this to wash your floors and windows or put it in a spray bottle to spray into corners, or use the spray bottle like you would a smudge stick (take care about water damage though) especially if you have problems with smoke.
  • When you sweep the floor, gather it together in a bucket and don't take it outside til the new moon. Deposit it with your offering for Hecate's Feast. Never just sweep it out the door or you might sweep away your luck.
  • Add magical herbal fragrance to your laundry by tying herbs into the foot of an old pair of panty hose and tossing it into your dryer. You will be able to use this several times lavender is especially good for this.
  • Bring magical fragrances into every room by dropping some essential oils into the lightbulbs and on the window dressings (careful of stains). My mother used to put bars of scented soap in our dresser drawers and inside the sofa where it would also release its scent.
  • Whenever possible, bring fresh flowers into the house to make everyone smile.

Oi Lordy. I am about to pass out. Finish this later!!

Use these recipes to make your own cleaning products, charged with your intention and scented with herbs & essential oils of your choiceL

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by Scott Cunningham

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