My Kitchen Garden

Originally the kitchen garden was only to be along the Southern foundation of the house from the back (kitchen) door to the edge of the house. I think that the sheltered location will be of great benefit to some of the more tender herbs I wish to grow. The idea has grown, however, to include most of the back yard, that is, the fenced in area of our property.

The idea of the kitchen garden is to have fresh herbs, edible flowers and other nifty culinary additions close at hand when I'm cooking and when hubby is grilling. Since it is located within the area specifically fenced to be a play area for my son, I do not want to plant anything dangerous in it. (There are daffodils and crocus planted in the lawn already, but those will only exist for a short period each year before the lawn mower gets them and are right in the middle of the lawn, over the septic tank, where nothing else but grass grows and there will be no chance of confusing them with an edible plant.) Plenty of edible flowers and fruits will be fun for the kids. So, the kitchen garden has extended to include nearly the entire perimeter of the yard.

Already planted near the deck:
Feverfew (not doing well)
Garlic bulbs planted 10/28/2013

In a container:
Oregano because the bastard nearly smothered out the feverfew in the old garden.
Rosemary purchased 11/6/13 and living in the kitchen for the winter.

To be planted in spring along Southern foundation & Southeast side of the deck.
Parsley (flat leaved)
Basil (Genovese)
Fennel (Florence)
Lemon Verbena
Chili pepper
Cherry tomatoes
Winter Savory
Summer Savory
Green Onions
English Mace

For containers (on the deck in summer, in the kitchen in winter)
Orange mint
Chocolate mint
Lemon balm
Sweet Mace, Tagetes lucida
Rau Ram Persicaria odorata

Along the fence:
Southeast Corner
Rose Rosa rugosa and Rosa setigera
swiss chard
asparagus male?

East Section 2 (Middle)
rose, asparagus, ever bearing strawberries

Along the South Fence-
Sea Kale, strawberries, salsify, bloody dock, nasturtium, calendula

snap peas, Jerusalem artichoke, horseradish

Southwest corner

Southwest Corner
rhubarb (outside the fence)

Wintergreen along the shady part of the deck (northwest corner)
Maypop climbing the trellis we are using to block access underneath the deck on the West side (through which the granddog likes to escape). Or in the Northeast corner of the fenced area.

Raised bed theme ideas:
Salsa garden- tomatilloes, onions, jalepenos, cilantro
Pasta garden- basil, roma tomatoes, garlic, eggplant, parsley, oregano
Chili garden- tomatoes, bell peppers, kidney beans, chili peppers
Stir fry garden- broccoli, cauliflower, pak choy, sugar snap peas
Salad garden- spinach, lettuce, carrots, beets, radish, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, arugula
Stew garden- white leeks, potatoes, turnips, carrots, parsnips
Summer BBQ Garden- corn, watermelon, navy beans
Fall Feast garden- corn, zucchini, sweet potatoes
Pickle garden- cucumbers, beets, cauliflower, dill, cabbage
Dinner Garden- green beans, potatoes, swiss chard, acorn squash
What's left? mustard, Brussels sprouts, okra, celery (won't grow well anyway)

Note- Kale and pumpkin and sunflowers will be grown as ornamentals in the front yard.

Kitchen Garden Journal

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