Infant Blessing

This can be done the moment the child is born if you wish. It can easily be performed in the birthing room. Or it can be used as part of a naming ceremony, or both.

“Ancestors of [name of parent(s)] gather round and see the new child of your line. Watch over her/him and guide him/her as you have his/her mother (and/or father) throughout her (their) lives.

May all of nature look upon this child with affection!

May the sun shine warmly upon him/her and always light his/her way.
May the moon light his/her path in the darkness and provide him/her inspiration and wisdom.
May the seas spark in him/her a love of adventure and beauty and a sense of mystery.
May the winds bless him/her with eloquence and a love of music and poetry.
May he/she know well the fire of passion, of inspiration and love.
May the Earth bless his/her footsteps until the time comes for him/her to descend once more into Her bosom.

And may the river of life carry him/her to all the places he/she ever wants to be. May her/his journey be long, may she/he always be strong, until he/she comes again to the sea.”

Priest(ess) may wish to anoint the child with pure olive oil or sprinkle the child with pure water at the conclusion of this blessing.

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