The Mitten Homeschool Lesson Plan

When I came across a copy of the book The Mitten, I was flooded with pleasant childhood memories. So I decided I must create a lesson plan around it. A fun one, of course. Although I try to make my lesson plans adaptable to older kids, this one probably won't fit that criteria beyond about 3rd grade.

Language Arts


Read the book The Mitten during regular story time and at the start of school time.


Journal Prompts

There are several versions of this story. Read two or more and compare and contrast them. Which do you like the best? Why?

Have you ever lost something? Write a story about what might have happened to it.


Any phrases from the book are suitable for copywork. Just choose a few favorite lines. Ask your child what his favorite parts are and choose lines from those.

For younger children, still learning to write, check out this great printable: The Mitten Tiny Picture Dictionary from Enchanted Learning.

Art and Crafts

Using my flat puppet theater, we will create animal puppets out of cardstock and a mitten out of construction paper to reinact the story.

We will create mitten-shaped holiday greeting cards

With an older child, perhaps make your own mittens! For younger, practice with mitten lacing cards.
(Click Here) download the mitten and animal templates, print them on cardstock, poke holes around the edges of the mittens, then have your child lace the edges then place the animal cutouts inside the mitten.

There is also a Lacing Mitten Stories Craft Kit at Oriental Trading.

Make your own Mitten book using this template from Enchanted Learning.

Out and About

We will collect warm weather clothing and take them to a donation center.

We will search outside for clues as to what the animals are actually doing out there in the snow!


Play a matching game with several different colors, patterns and shapes of mittens cut out of construction paper. Make your own or buy a mitten matching game or mitten bulletin board cut outs from Oriental Trading (I prefer the latter for young kids, they're more versatile)

Use the same mittens to create patterns and guess which mitten comes next.

Put together The Mitten 24-piece Floor Puzzle


Check out this song The Mitten in the Snow to the tune of the Farmer in the Dell. Younger children may enjoy singing it while older children learn to play the tune on their instrument.

This song is also cute

Observation and Experimentation

We will search outside for clues as to what the animals are actually doing out there in the snow!

More ideas online

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