Grandmother Earth II

Bring the Earthmother image created in Grandmother Earth I or another Earthmother image that you wish to dedicate for your altar.
A ritual fire.

Open the the ritual with noise and chanting.

Evocation: Gaia, Holy Mother of All, we call upon you to witness this rite of worship for you. Welcome Mother who is in all things.(or the Homeric hymn to Gaia may be used.)

Throw grain in the fire.

Statement of Purpose: Today we gather to honor Gaia and to dedicate our statues to Her worship.

Have everyone bring out the statues they made in the ritual entitled Grandmother Earth I and show them to the group and talk about them one by one.

The leader should discuss how God/Goddess images help us connect to our Deitiesi during everyday worship and how it honors Them to create images of Them to place on our altars. Explain the purpose of sanctification and dedication of statues.

Then each person should proceed in turn to the altar to sanctify and dedicate his or her statue.

Pass the statue through the incense smoke saying "I cleanse this statue with fire and air. May all that is unworthy burn to ash and blow away."
Sprinkle with salted water and say, "I cleanse this statue with water and earth. May all that is unclean be washed away and buried."
Annoint the statue with olive oil saying, "I dedicate this statue to the worship of Gaia, the Earthmother, She Who is in All Things. May it bring Her honor."

When all have completed this process, wrap things up in the usual way.

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