Flowers For Your Magical Wedding

When choosing flowers for your wedding, there are a number of considerations to think about. Like anyone, you probably have your favorite flowers and you're thinking about color, but as a Pagan or Wiccan you will want to think about the magical energy the flowers you choose bring to your wedding ceremony.

Seasonal Availability

Thanks to modern transportation and farming methods you can get most flowers year round, but choosing flowers that aren't in season means that those flowers probably had to travel a bit to get to you and they may look rather tired when they arrive. And they'll cost you quite a bit more. To get the freshest flowers at the best price, it's a good idea to go with the season.

Think Outside the Flower Box

I did not carry a bouquet at my wedding. I carried a wreath of ivy which I placed on my husband's head when I reached him (I also wore a wreath on my head). But I did have flowers around. You don't have to go completely flower-less, but a bit of greenery, some colored leaves in autumn, or some brightly colored berries in the winter will make your floral arrangements all the more interesting.

Magical Energy and Symbolism of Flowers and Plants

Amaranthus, also known as love lies bleeding, sports a lovely cluster of tiny red flowers that create a trailing tuft. There are green and yellow varieties as well. Amaranthus was sacred to the Aztecs as a major food staple and is associated with healing, death and rebirth. It is a protective plant.

Amaryllis was a nymph who fell in love with a youth who did not share her feelings. She pierced her heart with a golden arrow and the flower that sprang from her blood was her gift to him. Amaryllis symbolizes beauty, determination and pride. Amaryllis is large and red and available in the winter.

Anemones sprang from the blood of Adonis or from the tears of Aphrodite at his death. It symbolizes dying love, or love unto death. Anemones come in a variety of colors. There are varieties that bloom in all seasons.

Apple blossoms bloom in springtime a symbol of hope and good fortune. They are usually white to pink.

Asiatic lilies are large, sturdy and dramatic and make their appearance in the height of summer. These lilies are available in a variety of colors and symbolize chastity, virtue, humility and mercy. These plants are toxic, especially to cats.

Bittersweet Symbolizes truth and honesty. It is a vine with really cool orange fruits that open to reveal a red seed inside. Great for autumn bouquets.

Baby's Breath symbolizes purity of heart, festivity and happiness. Baby's breath is white and available year round.

Bay Laurel

Carnations were considered a divine flower in ancient Greece and symbolize fascination, passion, innocence and purity. Carnations come in a variety of colors and are available year round but are best in summer.

Calla Lilies bloom in the spring and early summer but can be forced year round. They are stately and elegant and available in white, red, yellow and pink. They symbolize magnificent beauty, sensuality, femininity. It is said that the first calla lily sprung from drops of milk from the breast of Hera. These are poisonous.

Cherry blossoms are fleeting and symbolize the shortness of life as well as beauty and sensuality. They are generally available only in the spring but non-fruiting varieties have a much longer bloom time.

Chrysanthemums symbolize the sun, perfection and a long and happy life. Chrysanthemums are available in a variety of colors and are best in autumn bouquets.


Columbine is a fairy flower that symbolizes anxiety. It is generally only available in the spring and early summer.

Daffodils are also known as narcissus and jonquils. Narcissus was a youth who fell so in love with his own reflection in a pool he drowned and was turned into a flower. They symbolize admiration and respect. Daffodils are available in the spring and are usually yellow but may be white or orange or a combination.


Daisies symbolize the sun and are sacred to Aphrodite and Freya. They represent virtue and true love. Daisies are in season in the summer and autumn and are usually white and yellow.


Dogwood flowers bloom pink and white in springtime but their branches may be red or yellow for use in winter arrangements. It symbolizes glamour and refinement and resurrection.


Forsythia symbolizes anticipation. It is available in the spring and is yellow.

Foxglove is another fairy flower that blooms in the spring. It comes in a variety of colors and symbolizes youth, deception and refinement. Foxglove is highly toxic.

Freesia symbolizes sweetness, friendship and trust. Freesias come in yellow, white, pink or red and are imported from Africa year round.

Gardenias symbolize hospitality, grace and secret love. They do not take handling well and are best used in center pieces rather than bouquets. Gardenias are white or yellow.

Gerbera daisies symbolize happiness, innocence, purity and cheerfulness. They come in a variety of colors and are imported from Africa year round.

Gladiolus symbolize sincerity and strength of character. The name comes from the Latin word for sword. Gladiolus are available in a variety of colors and are imported from Africa year round.

Hyacinths, those lovely purple harbingers of spring are also available in white and yellow. Hyacinth was the name of a youth loved and accidentally slain by Apollo. They symbolize playful joy, mischief and constancy.

Hydrangeas symbolize friendship, devotion and understanding and may be used in hexbreaking. Hydrangeas are white, blue, purple or pink, generally and may change color as they age. Hydrangeas bloom in the summer.

Iris is the name of the Goddess of the rainbow, the messenger of Hera, who rules over marriage. Irises represent faith, hope, wisdom and eloquence. Irises are associated with the element of Water and bloom in the summer. Irises are available in a wide variety of colors.



Lily of the Valley represents coming to a place of happiness out of a place of sorrow. Lily of the Valley is white and available in the spring and summer. This is poisonous and has been known to cause a skin reaction.


Nerine also known as Spider Lily is available in late winter or early spring and is available in pinks, reds and white. Nerines are named for Nereids, the sea nymphs.

Nigella, also known as Love-in-a-Mist is a really fascinating flower symbolizing love. In the language of flowers it means "kiss me". Nigella is available in red, blue and white. It blooms from spring to autumn and dries well for use out of season. It also has an interesting seed pod that can be added to winter arrangements.


Orange blossom is an excellent flower for a wedding as its energy supports a strong, committed marriage with lots of passion. It also symbolizes fertility and purity. Orange blossoms are white and smell amazing. They are generally available in late winter to early spring.

Orchids symbolize sex, luxury, love, virility and fertility. Orchids are available year round and available in a variety of colors.

Paperwhite is a white narcissus that blooms in late winter or early spring. Its fragrance is said to be aphrodisiac.

Pansy, despite its use in the common vernacular to describe someone who is less-than-tough-and-manly, is one tough little flower. It flourishes in the cool spring and autumn when other flowers haven't yet dared to show their faces or are retreating from the chill, though it is not fond of summer's heat. These flowers are usually tricolored in shades of purple but there other colors available now including really amazing orange pansies. They are small and probably better for a boutineer than a bouquet. Pansies symbolize merriment, fond memories and loving thoughts. Its name comes from the French word for thought.

Peony is a flower of protection and it symbolizes a happy marriage and compassion. They are available in red, white or yellow and have enormous blooms. They are available in late spring or early summer.


Poppies are loaded with symbolism. They have been associated with burial rites for millennia and are sacred to both Demeter and Diana. They are symbols of remembrance of the dead, particularly warriors and of rebirth, sleep and peace. Poppies come in a variety of colors, with red and white being most notable. Yellow and purple are also available. Poppies bloom all summer long and their dried seed capsules make interesting additions to off season arrangements.

Primrose is a fairy flower. It symbolizes youthfulness and freshness. Primrose comes in a variety of colors and blooms in the spring.

Pussy Willow

Ranunculus is an Asian beauty that is available in winter and spring. It can be white, yellow, pink, red or orange. In the language of flowers, ranunculus means "I am dazzled by your charms".





Sunflowers are famously huge and bright yellow with a brown center but are now available in shades of orange to burgundy and in a variety of sizes. Sunflowers represent the Sun are are sacred to Helios and Apollo. They are available in late summer through autumn. Sunflowers symbolized joy, loyalty, constancy, adoration and devotion.

Sweet William symbolizes gallantry. It is available in a variety of colors, especially pinks and purples. They are available in the winter and spring.

Tulips are gorgeous harbingers of spring that come in every color of the rainbow. Tulips symbolize undying love and passion.

Wisteria is a climbing vine that produces cascades of purple flowers in the spring. It is associated with both love and protection and symbolizes welcome, hospitality and playful spontaneity. This plant is toxic.


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