Five Year Plan

Year 1 (2014) Caulk Windows, Radon Mitigation in Basement, Repair Sump Pump, Insulate Basement, Install Door on Basement, Grade yard for drainage, repair gutters, install gutters on garage, plant Kitchen garden, install trails, paint/decorate family room, build duck house, build duck run, put gravel in driveway
Year 2 (2015) New Roof, Insulation in Attic, Plant Fruit trees & berry bushes, plant wind break trees in North and West, build raised garden beds & start vegetable garden, build sand box & fort, build rabbit hutches & runs, paint/decorate bedrooms
Year 3 (2016) rebuild deck, new windows, front yard landscaping, paint/redecorate kitchen
Year 4 (2017) build grow out runs, rebuild front porch, new siding, redo bathroom
Year 5 (2018) Solar panels for garage, wood stove for garage, tree service
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