The Earth is the hearth around which all of our mortal brethren gather for sustenence. It is our responsiblity to care of the Earth as we would a beloved parent who saw us through childhood and now requires her grown children to help care for her.

Plants For A Witch's Garden

This is under construction. Will be sorted soon. Some coding needs to go in. For now, it's just a simple alphabetical list of the plants I've written articles about.

The Ducks

We are very excited that we will soon be adding 3 Ancona ducklings to our family. They are due to hatch in April. Ducks make great pets and gardening allies and they produce delicious eggs; about 250...

The Vurms

I received my order of 200 Count Red Wigglers Live Composting Worms today, 12/26. I was a little alarmed that they sent them by regular mail and the poor things sat in my mailbox all day, but they...

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