Diaper Duty

I cloth diaper and I won't pretend it's not work but it's relatively painless if you have a system.

Every Evening

Empty diaper pail into washing machine.
Run on COLD delicate cycle with extra rinse OFF.. This is just to rinse them.
When this is complete, add Baking Soda and Soap Nuts. Run on HOT/COLD Regular cycle with extra rinse ON.
Empty poop bucket into toilet.
Wash diaper pail and poop bucket in the bathtub and return them to their places.
Fill poop bucket ½ full of water. Add ½ cup of white vinegar.
Check and put away any diaper covers that are hanging on the shower curtain rod from yesterday.

Every Morning

Give the diapers the sniff test, if they smell bad, run them through another HOT/COLD cycle and add some vinegar to the rinse.
Move diapers from washer to dryer. Take out diaper covers and wipes. Do NOT put these in the dryer.
Hang diaper covers from the shower curtain rod.
Remove any unused wipes from the wipe box and set aside. Pour any liquid in the sink and wash wipe box.
Put clean wipes back in wipe box. They will still be damp from the washer, this is okay.
Dilute buttwipe oil, 2 tbsp in ½ cup hot water. Pour over wipes in wipe box.
Put unused wipes on top.
Close the box, give it a good shake and then put it back in its place. Do not use it right away, let the wipes cool down for 10 minutes.
When diapers are dry, fold them and put them away.

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