While most folks don't serve dessert after every meal, it is often considered an important part of any celebration!

If you'd like to add a dessert recipe to our cookbook, just type the name of your recipe in the box and click "share this recipe":

Baked Rice Pudding
This is a favorite dessert, warm, comforting and wholesome.
Bread Pudding
It's very bad luck to throw away bread. Instead, use your stale bits to make bread pudding!
Buttery Bread And Fruit Pudding
A super-easy recipe that makes use of leftovers and nature's bounty.
Carrot Cake
A favorite birthday cake with all the best birthday wishes baked inside.
Cauldron Cobbler
This is a great (and easy) way to celebrate the bounty of Nature.
Cranberry Apple Sauce
This seasonal treat is great for any festive occasion and is delicious spread on toast or served with roast meats.
Honey Cake
Honey cake is a Beltane tradition for many and a full moon tradition too.
Stovetop Rice Pudding
My kids love this for breakfast. It's a great way to use up rice leftover from dinner the night before.

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